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Megalight Monkey Grip Guitar Mechanics Buttons Bavarian Barrel - Tuners Wings / Buttons

Megalight Monkey Grip Guitar Mechanics Buttons Bavarian Barrel - Tuners Wings / Buttons

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Due to the small business status according to § 19 UStG, the value added tax is not shown. Plus shipping costs (calculated at checkout). Delivery time Germany: 2-4 days. Delivery time international: 3-8 days

Shipping weight: 10 grams per button

   ✔ 60 days mon(k)ey back*: 60 days money back 

   ✔ Made in Bavaria - Germany

   ✔ Monkey Grip: rough, sandpaper-like, non-slip surface

   ✔ Megalight: extremely light (1 gram per button) - the lightest buttons in the world

   ✔ Material: High-performance polyamide

   ✔ Bavarian Barrel Buttons 

   ✔ Up to 20% weight savings (compared to our metal buttons)

   ✔ Incl. quality card: Quality check of each individual button before shipping


Attention: Before the buttons are placed on the mechanical shaft, the shaft must be thoroughly cleaned of oil. It is best to use a cloth with a solvent that can remove oil (e.g. acetone, isopropyl alcohol or turpentine).

Before ordering, please check the dimensions of the buttons against our technical drawing to make sure that they fit exactly.

* You can find all information in our cancellation policy.

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Megalight Monkey Grip guitar machine heads buttons

Our Megalight Monkey Grip guitar mechanics buttons are a world first and all Made In Bavaria - Germany! They are made of high-performance polyamide and are extremely light (approx. 1.5 grams per button) and therefore significantly reduce the weight of your guitar and bass mechanics. In addition to the great look, the rough feel is just as unique. The buttons feel like sandpaper and therefore enable a grand grip - you just want to keep touching the buttons! Especially the versions with an embossed pattern are real eye-catchers.

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