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Purple aluminum spacer rings for guitar machine heads / tuners

Purple aluminum spacer rings for guitar machine heads / tuners

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Due to the small business status according to § 19 UStG, the value added tax is not shown. Plus shipping costs (calculated at checkout). Delivery time Germany: 2-4 days. Delivery time international: 3-8 days

Shipping Weight: 200 grams

   ✔ 60 days mon(k)ey back*: 60 days money back

   ✔ Distance rings made from high-strength, solid aluminum

   ✔ Purple anodized

   ✔ Premium quality for a long service life

   ✔ Two brass washers and one steel plate washer per spacer ring

Be sure to pay attention to the order in which the rings are installed! Please here read the installation instructions!


Dimensions of distance ring:

Outer diameter: 6.30mm; Inner diameter: 4.20mm; Height: 1.5mm

Suitable for almost all guitar tuners on the market, except Sperzel. However, please check the dimensions of the distance rings before ordering to make sure that the distance rings fit exactly.

* You can find all information in our cancellation policy.

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