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Set of tremolo springs (5 pieces) - tension hard

Set of tremolo springs (5 pieces) - tension hard

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Shipping Weight: 20 grams

✔ 60 days mon(k)ey back*: 60 days money back

✔ Contents: 5 tremolo springs with hard tension

✔ Tension: hard (for downtuning and extra thick strings)

✔ Material: high quality spring steel

✔ Surface: Nickel

✔ suitable for all common tremolo systems

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Modern tremolo springs hard - for downtuning and thick strings

Our modern tremolo springs in the hard version are exactly the right choice for guitars with thick strings and downtunings. The springs are made of high-quality, nickel-plated spring steel with increased traction. Thus, the tremolo is pushed back into the initial situation more easily.

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