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Cryo Tuned Silverback Vintage 1950's Brass Tele Saddles

Cryo Tuned Silverback Vintage 1950's Brass Tele Saddles

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Shipping Weight: 100 grams

✔ 60 days mon(k)ey back*: 60 days money back

✔ Contents: 3 vintage correct brass Tele Saddles incl. Screws and springs

✔ Cryo Tuned: Sound and feel of 60 year old saddles

✔ Vintage correct: Vintage correct material + flat bottom

✔ Material: Brass 

✔ Attention: 3.51 mm (6-32 inches) holes in the bridge for the intonation screws requires

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Tele Saddles - Vintage correct and cryo tuned

Our Tele Saddles are made of vintage-correct steel or brass and are also available as a cryo-tuned version, so we not only achieve a vintage-correct look but also the vintage-correct sound!

Learn here more about our complex cryo process.

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