A review by Udo Pipper about our Silverback Vintage Pre-CBS Vintage Tremolo Springs

We received the following review from vintage legend Udo Pipper:
Guitar Monkey vs. Crazy Parts vs. 61 Vintage vs. Raw Vintage
You could forget about the Raw Vintage. They were no good. Just too spongy with a floating tremolo.
The crazy parts were very good, if a little hard. The '61 vintage springs were surprisingly soft. You needed five compared to three from Guitar Monkey. The sound isn't quite right for a Custom Shop Strat, because it's a little too soft here too. They support that "chirpy" Strat sound á la Knopfler, which I don't like so much.
Finally, it was the turn of the Guitar Monkeys. And they were actually the best. The best balance between “crunch” and sustain. That was very convincing.
So: Your springs stay in the test guitar!
Great product. I will be using these springs for all revisions from now on.