Our contribution to a better environment

It is extremely important to us at Guitar Monkey to make our contribution to a better environment. Therefore, we are involved in various areas, which we would like to present to you on this page.

We plant trees in India

We at Guitar Monkey plant a tree in India for every Monkey Locks - Locking Tuners Set with wooden buttons sold, via the Grow Trees India project. We want to give something back to nature.

The best - you don't have to do anything for it, we at Guitar Monkey take care of it. Once a month we commission Grow my Tree and post the certificate on our social media channels.

Visit the Grow Trees India project!

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Shipping and packaging

What is the most sustainable packaging? In our opinion, packaging that you don't throw away but can use over and over again.

That's why we decided against standard packaging. All our products are packed in high-quality doypacks. Due to the high-quality composite material, the doypacks are extremely stable and offer the best possible protection for all our products. At the same time, the doypacks are extremely light and compact. This saves space and weight during shipping and also protects the environment. Our doypacks are the ideal packaging that you can reuse. For example for your picks or for your spare parts, such as screws or tremolo springs.

We also ship climate-neutrally within Germany and also have our product inserts such as quality and product cards printed climate-neutrally.

Guitar Monkey supports mountain gorillas

We at Guitar Monkey donate part of our profits to the German Berggorilla und Regenwald Direkthilfe eV.

In this way we support the preservation of the mountain gorillas and their habitat.

Visit Mountain Gorilla Relief

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