Inserts for almost all guitar machine heads on the market

Among all guitar machine heads there are a handful of different shaft sizes. It is therefore important that the buttons have an exact insert to ensure an exact fit on the shaft of the respective guitar mechanics.

We at Guitar Monkey therefore offer a total of 3 different inserts in order to offer our buttons for almost all guitar mechanics on the market.

ATTENTION: Please measure the shaft of your guitar mechanics before buying to be on the safe side. If you are unsure, contact us and we will be happy to help you. Our inserts do not fit all guitar tuners on the market, only those listed below.

  • Insert 1 - Gotoh

    Our Insert 1 fits all Gotoh guitar machine heads or guitar machine heads made by Gotoh for other manufacturers:

    - Gotoh guitar machine heads

    - PRS Phase III guitar machine heads

    - Taylor guitar machine heads by Gotoh

    - Ibanez guitar machine heads by Gotoh

  • Insert 2 - Schaller

    Our Insert 2 fits all Schaller guitar machine heads or guitar machine heads made by Schaller for other manufacturers:

    - Schaller guitar machine heads

    - PRS Phase I by Schaller

    - PRS Phase II by Schaller

  • Insert 3 - Multi Fit

    Our Insert 3 fits many of the following guitar machine heads, as they all use the same shaft:

    - Grover guitar machine heads

    - Gibson guitar machine heads

    - Fender locking guitar machine heads

    - PRS SE (guitars only from BJ 2010-20 22)

    - Hipshot Guitar Machine Heads

    - Graph Tech Guitar Machine Heads

    - KLUSON Germany Guitar Machine Heads

    - Daddario Guitar Machine Heads

    - Solar Guitar Guitar Machine Heads

Technical drawings

So that you buy 100% the right buttons for your guitar machine heads, we recommend that you take a look at our technical drawings and measure the exact dimensions before you buy our buttons.

Big German Wood (ebony/tamarind wood)

Click here for the complete technical drawing

Small German Wood (ebony/tamarind wood)

Click here for the complete technical drawing

Vintage Kidney Wood (ebony/tamarind wood)

Click here for the complete technical drawing

Weight comparison

Save weight with our wooden buttons

The following table shows the different weights of the different Guitar Monkey buttons. It becomes clear that an enormous weight saving is possible, especially with the wooden buttons.

If, for example, the German Big Metal Buttons are replaced by German Big Wood Buttons (ebony or tamarind wood), the weight can be reduced from 228g by 48g to 180g Reduce per set of 6. That corresponds to a weight saving of over 21%!



Button Hardware

Mechanics total/

Total tuner

6 String Set

Big German Metal


4g 38g 228g

Small German Metal


4g 35g 210g

Vintage Kidney Wood

≈ 2.5g *

4g 30.5g 183g

Big German Wood

≈ 2g *

4g 30g 180g

Small German Wood

≈ 2g *

4g 29.5g


* Weight and color may vary slightly as wood is a natural product

Size comparison

  • All dimensions in millimeters (mm).

    Wood = ebony or tamarind wood

Our guitar mechanics wooden buttons