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Our Speedster picks are very pointed and have very flat edges. This makes these picks ideal for extremely fast and precise shredding. The rough surface gives them enormous attack and excellent grip.

Available in 1.6 mm.

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With their slightly pointed shape and steeply bevelled edges, the Djentleman picks really pack a punch!

The thicker picks are hollow and therefore the lightest picks of this thickness in the world. Hardly any hand fatigue and super precise playing.

Mega attack and grip thanks to the rough surface!

Available in 1.6mm, 2.6mm and 3.6mm.

To the Djentleman Picks


Our Riffer picks have the classic teardrop shape and rounded edges. They are a true all-rounder. Nevertheless, they deliver a lot of power and have a real grip thanks to the rough surface!

Available in 1.1 mm and 1.6 mm.

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Your Custom Picks

Would you like to have your own logo on the picks? No problem! (Almost) anything is possible in our custom shop. Just contact us and we'll discuss everything else.

Minimum order 30 pieces.

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