production and materials

Our ultimate goal is to create premium products for today's musicians. On the one hand, we rely on the most experienced and best suppliers, but on the other hand we also rely on manufacturing and assembly as well as final quality control and packaging in Germany.

Our mechanical housing and gears come from the same contract manufacturer that also produces for other premium manufacturers such as Hipshot or Graph Tech. Our wooden buttons come from sustainable cultivation, directly from India, from the same contract manufacturer that also makes buttons for Gotoh. Our colored anodized aluminum rings come from a small metal company and are turned from the solid material and then anodized. Our product packaging is produced and printed in Germany. We also produce our Megalight Monkey Grip Buttons made in Bavaria - Germany.

The final production, the final quality control and the packaging of our mechanics takes place in Germany, here in Dachau near Munich. This is how we guarantee outstanding quality!

We have many innovations planned for 2023. Among other things, we have been researching new materials and production methods for a long time to make our mechanics and buttons even lighter and to bring just as many new and innovative designs to the market. The components made of this new material are produced directly by us - 100% made in Germany.

We also want to bring premium quality mechanics and hardware onto the market with our new Silverback Vintage series. We will be the only manufacturer worldwide to rely on cryo technology in the production of selected products in order not only to use vintage-correct materials, but also to finally produce the vintage-correct SOUND!

Matching our Guitar Monkey wooden buttons

Our bass mechanics