Megalight Monkeygrip Guitar Picks

We produce our picks here in Bavaria from a special polyamide. This makes the picks very durable and has a slightly rough, sandpaper-like surface. This not only results in an extreme grip (together with our embossed logo), but also an extraordinary attack, as the edges are also slightly rough. The picks are also extremely light, which means less hand fatigue and cramping.

The picks need a short "break-in period" and then develop their full potential! Completely different to everything that has been there before!

Victor Smolski now only uses our Speedster Picks:

"The picks are simply amazing! The high-performance polyamide picks are hardly heavy and are very easy to grip, regardless of whether you are cold or sweating. Thanks to the pointed shape and the very durable material, they have a very good
Grip. For all those who play with a lot of attack and value the audibility of
every note, the picks are the perfect tool."