Monkey Locks - Locking Tuners with Megalight Monkey Grip Buttons?

Our Monkey Locks Locking Tuners with Megalight Monkey Grip Buttons are unique on the market. The buttons are all Made in Bavaria - Germany! They are made from a high-performance polyamide and are therefore extremely light (around 1.5 grams per button) and therefore further reduce the weight of the already very light Monkey Locks Locking Tuners. The feel and surface structure of the buttons are completely unique. The rough surface is somewhat reminiscent of sandpaper and provides a great grip and is so pleasant to touch that you'll always want to touch the buttons. The look is of course also an eye-catcher, especially with the buttons with embossed patterns, which has never been seen before. Our colored aluminum rings underline the finish of your guitar and bring a subtle play of colors to the headstock of your guitar. The colored aluminum rings are also unique on the market and only available from us.

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    Our Monkey Locks - Locking Tuners are not only suitable for electric guitars, but also for acoustic guitars or lap steel/pedal steel guitars. They fit any guitar with a 9.9mm to 10mm hole diameter in the headstock and screw tab holes at 135 degrees, although you can of course also drill new screw holes for your monkey locks.

    Our Monkey Locks are characterized by their compact design and low weight. The gear ratio of 18:1 guarantees excellent handling and precise tuning. Guitar tuners with an open design are often susceptible to dirt and wear, but not our monkey locks. Because of their closed design, the Monkey Locks are maintenance-free (no oiling required) and are not susceptible to contamination. We call the clamping wheel of our Monkey Locks the Snapping Wheel because it automatically snaps into place when screwed on and can therefore never fall off, so that you can always rely 100% on your Monkey Locks when changing strings, even in live situations. The clamping wheel is made of lightweight aluminum and therefore also contributes to weight reduction.

    For 6-string and 12-string sets we offer 1.8mm (0.070 inch) string holes. In our sets for 7 to 10 string guitars, the 7th to 10th strings even have 2.3mm (0.090 inch) string holes - for really thick strings!

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    We offer our sets in different colors and with buttons for all imaginable headstock shapes and for 6 to 12-string guitars. We therefore offer over 3,000 different set variants of our Monkey Locks - simply unbeatable and available for every type of guitar. This means you don't have to buy your tuners individually; you can find exactly the right set for your guitar at Guitar Monkey.

    If you have any questions about our monkey locks, please contact us at any time.